How to Install a Gate Operator

A gate operator is a device that makes it possible to open and close your gate through the use of an intercom or a keypad. It is similar in nature to a garage door opener. If you would like to install a gate operator it is also similar to the installation of the garage door. Before you begin the process of installing the gate operator it is wise to contact your local utility company to ensure there are no underground lines where you will be digging. You must also have all of the right materials and tools for the job.

Tools for the Job

As with any job that you complete you will need a few things to help you out. The following items are needed to make a gate operator installation: a flat-head screwdriver, power drill, shovel, PVC pipe, electrical wire for outdoor use, staple gun and just a little bit of time. Make sure that you’re wearing work or around the house clothes when making the installation. There is always the chance things will get a little dirty!

Getting Started

Once you are ready to start the installation, the first thing that must be done is to find the right place for the control box. You may need to drill a few holes into your fence where the control box will be placed. You now want to connect the arm to the control box. The style of fence that you own will affect the manner in which this is done. If you have the instruction manual that came with your gate, it is a good time to get that out to have handy for reference. A thin trench must be dug. It should be no more than one foot deep and no less than 9 inches deep. It should run from the breaker panel to the gate. Your electrical wire should be placed through the PVC pipe and into the trench. Be sure that you turn the power off!

Finishing the job

Now you can connect the wires to the control box. Make sure that the power is off before this is done. Now, attach the sensor to the fence so that it is free and clear of any potential damage. The wire from the sensor to the fence should then be stapled alongside so not to come loose. The job is done now and you’re ready to test out your work and see how good of a job you done! A properly functioning gate will open and close the gate with ease.

DIY at its best

Why pay someone else to do the job when you can get it done on your own? The above steps are all needed to be followed if you want to install your gate the right way. But, as you can see it is pretty simple to do so even if you do not have a ton of experience you can do it on your own in just a short amount of time. It is just that simple!