Free Energy From The Skies

Free energy systems give you devices that provide free electricity for your home, indefinitely. The only cost incurred is the initial cost involved in the purchase and installation of devices. After that, you could enjoy the benefit of electricity for the requirements of your entire household, without having to pay a single penny to electric companies.

Free energy devices works on a number of principles, which form a small group of a large number of principles and methods invented by energy enthusiasts all over the world. One of the popular techniques used by free energy devices is the process of converting radiant energy in the atmosphere to electrical energy. Energy in the form of radiation is present in the atmosphere all the time. They come from the sun as well as other stars around the universe. They provide an inexhaustible source of energy from the skies that can be used to fulfill our energy requirements.

If you haven’t heard of the process of obtaining free energy from radiant energy, you will be surprised to know that this process was invented over a century ago, by Nicola Tesla. His brilliant invention of the magnifying transmitter was intended as the basic step of an ambitious idea to provide energy to people all over the world, free of cost. However, self interested financiers and other political factors kept Tesla’s invention away from the public. Later on various scientists and inventors have followed up on Tesla’s idea, and developed and modified devices that could harness energy from radiations to produce electricity. One of these inventors was Dr. Henry Thomas Moray who built up on Tesla’s invention that utilises radiation to generate free energy. But again, politics and money won the day, and Moray’s invention too was kept in the dark.

However, a number of energy enthusiasts have worked tirelessly on the idea of zero cost energy; and as a result of over a century of research and development, we have a number of proven techniques for obtaining free energy. One of them is electricity from radiant energy from the skies. Zero cost energy advocates warmly recommend this procedure, and present a number of advanced equipments, that will help you provide zero cost energy for your household needs.