The Fine Print


Actually you need to thoroughly read ANY CONTRACT or agreement you intend to sign. If you do not understand any part of it or if any part of it is not 100% clear, do not sign it until you are clear. It is YOUR responsibility to understand what you are agreeing to.

• Ask questions and expect clear answers. If you are not comfortable with the answers or with how they are answered, that company might not be the one for you.

• When you get clear upfront answers, with a clear easy to understand service agreement, that has a 30 day renewal period, you will be doing business with a company that wants to earn your business and trust. That is the company you want to do business with.

• Such a company would install only high quality reliable name brand equipment. Equipment like GE, Honeywell Ademco, for instance.

• A good quality company would have their Monitoring Center an approved Underwriters Laboratory facility.

• Such a company would have you clearly understand

Having a lot of questions to those you make deals with is not an annoying trait, it is actually an advised trait. a smart move which will keep you from being ripped off or robbed of your money. So if they rush you up or don’t listen to your questions, that’s a big “No”, you deserve to know every bit of what you want to ask for. ask and ask until you feel that the deal is what you really want it to be.