Bamboo Flooring Is an Ideal Choice for Your New House

When constructing your new house, it is highly recommended that you install bamboo flooring. They are getting popular these days because of the classic effect they bring to the floors. Environment-friendly people would opt for bamboo flooring because bamboo is a renewable resource. It is a better alternative to hardwood which would significantly reduce the need for cutting down of useful trees. It is easy to install, affordable and environment-friendly.

Because of its nature, bamboo is resistant to moisture so you need not worry of stains when there are spills on the floor. Bamboo flooring can be glued, nailed, or made into a “floating floor.” You no longer need cutting tools used for hardwood because when you purchase them, they are already tailor-made for the floor. They can be installed over inexpensive plywood or over a concrete sub-floor.

Compared to hardwood, bamboo flooring is also more stable and durable. The process involves lamination of 2 to 3 layers which minimises or eliminates the effect of expansion and contraction due to intense heat and pressure. They have a structural warranty of 10 years so they can withstand delamination and buckling.

The bamboo flooring is simple to maintain and easy to clean. You only need a soft broom for wiping away dirt particles. Homeowners should decide to put a mat on the floor to avoid scratches on the flooring. Walking while wearing high-heeled shoes should also be avoided because they can create dents. Rubber shoes can also discolor the floor. Also do not drag chairs especially if you have not placed felt on the legs.

Find the best bamboo flooring in your local area. They are those that offer not only curtains such as blinds and shutters, but quality flooring as well. They are available in different styles and colours such as horizontal brunette gloss, horizontal brunette semi gloss, compressed natural matt, compressed natural semi gloss, timber flooring, and horizontal blonde gloss. There are also compressed BAMBU that comes in natural light, natural dark, mixed coffee and dark coffee. The flooring finishes have a warranty of 5 years against peeling, lifting, or fading of coating.

The most appealing quality of bamboo flooring is that it is a renewable resource. You can re-grow the same plant. It only takes 4 to 5 years to re-grow the bamboo grass. It does not attract dust and mites.

With all the good features that bamboo flooring has, you can achieve the natural beauty of nature right inside your home. You can also help save the trees.