Can You Hang String Lights Over a Pool

It looks beautiful! All those Pinterest pictures of gorgeous backyards with perfectly manicured trees, shrubs, and pools with custom-crafted furniture, as well as the romantic string lights draped over the pool that reflect light from the water, are all true.

However, lights should never be hung over water. Here’s why.

  1. You likely plugged the lights into a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet so that if they fall into water, you won’t be electrocuted. You can guess what the rest of it would look like if you didn’t. It is never good to mix water and electricity.
  2. How will you change a lightbulb when it goes out of service? Do you plan to reach for the water and try not to fall into it while messing around with electricity? Do you want to unstring the whole thing?
  3. The pool brush is quite long. Your pool service techs, maybe you, don’t have the eyes to see backwards or up while using it. It doesn’t matter how careful you are when cleaning your pool. You could still accidentally break a lightbulb with the pole.
  4. What is the best way to get the glass out of the pool in the event that a light bulb goes out? Clear glass is not safe to swim in, so it is clear. Consider the next time that you reach in to clean your skimmer basket. Is there any broken glass in there?
  5. The monsoon season brings heavy winds and rain and can cause string lights to fall from their high perches. You also run the risk of electricity in the water, or broken bulbs in your pool water.

The underwater lights installed in your pool are a better option than the above-ground lights. Built-in pool lights have been designed to be safe around the water.

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