Drapes vs. Curtains: What’s the Difference?

When a person shops for window coverings, they get confused about whether to look for curtains or drapes.  As both are used for window decorating there are some differences between the two. Shopping for window coverings, the shoppers need to keep a few things in mind. On one hand, curtains are used for home decor, on the other hand, drapes are used to give out a formal look.

However, it can be said that drapes are already an old method of decorating which have faded in recent years. But are drapes making a comeback? We can only expect so!

Here are a few differences between drapes and curtains-

  1. Fabric: The first difference between drapes and curtains is their differences in materials. Curtains are made from soft and lighter fabrics. Draped fabrics are thicker than curtain fabrics that block light from entering the room.
  1. Uses: Curtains are used in homes, restaurants etc, drapes are seen at formal places like offices, hotels, etc.
  1. Texture: Drapes are heavier than curtains because of their differences in fabric materials. Again, drapes are more lengthy than curtains covering the top of the floor.
  1. Ease of use: Curtains are easy to put up and take it down whereas drapes take more effort and time to do both because of their fabric and length.
  1. Ease of cleaning: It is easier to wash curtains at home than drapes. Most of the drapes require dry cleaning as it has different fabric.
  1. Blocks sunlight: Another difference drapes restrict scorching sunlight to enter the room. Since sunlight can damage walls, floors, furniture, drapes work the best in blocking sunlight.
  1. Drapes are more durable: When strong winds blow, drapes remain to hang to their rod and keep the dust particles away from the room while in the case of curtains even breeze can move the curtains letting in the dust particles into the room.
  1. Variety of uses: Curtains are available in varieties of fabrics, designs, patterns, colours and styles. Drapes have special fabrics and are seen mostly at formal places.

In colder places, people usually prefer drapes and not curtains because drapes not only block noise, sunlight and dust particles but also block the severe cold air from entering the room from a window. Moreover, drapes offer better interior decoration than curtains, and this is the reason why most of the posh places such as drama stages, wedding venues, etc. are decorated using drapes.

So, hopefully from this post, you can find out how curtains and drapes are different from each other.

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