Things to Consider When Purchasing a Security Camera for Outdoor Use

Outdoor security cameras are different from others on the basis of durability and protection. Outdoor ones need to be weatherproof and resistant to vandalism. Both of these features can drive up the cost of such a camera.

Weatherproof Outdoor Security Cameras

A weatherproof camera comes in various styles such as bullet or dome cameras. They range from $200 to $1000 depending on the functionality. If you are buying an outdoor security camera with infra-red, its price will depend on the number of LEDs the camera has. All weatherproof are also waterproof. Dome are the best for protection against vandalism as well as weather.

Dome Cameras

Dome protect against weather and vandalism and also have a stealth feature. Since a tinted glass covers the camera, you can’t tell where the camera is pointing. Furthermore the dome covers the camera and ensures safety. The dome is water proof and weather resistant.

Dome cameras are difficult to be detached or stolen since they are usually fixed on the roof. The dome also acts as protection from any attempts to break the camera lens, unless someone decided to shoot it with a gun. Dome also come with a bullet-proof feature. A decent stand-alone dome camera can cost you about $250. One with features such as bullet-proofing may cost higher. Almost all dome come with infra-red.

Protect against Vandalism

There are other ways of protecting a camera from vandalism other than buying expensive outdoor. One such way is to place the security camera inside ideally behind glass. If you have a good place where a camera can get a good view, you could also consider getting a cheaper security camera which is not weather or water-proof.

Hide the Camera

The best way is to hide the camera from potential threats of vandalism. It comes with a disadvantage however. Apart from surveillance, outdoor security deter more than 50% of the crime since a criminal would consider twice before inflicting a site with security. If you want to decide on whether to hide the camera, you should decide what purpose you are installing the camera for. Scaring away criminals or getting them on tape red-handed? If you want crime caught on tape, you could also consider using micro cams or hidden spy cams. Nanny cams come installed in a clock. Some spy cams look like a pen.

Security Systems vs. Stand-Alone Outdoor Security Cameras

When buying outdoor one you will need to decide whether to get a single camera or get a sophisticated surveillance system. A surveillance system would include multiple cameras, monitors and software. A typical surveillance system with 2 can cost up to $1200 although you can get a cheaper system for approximately $1000. A surveillance system is also difficult to set up so you might need to pay for extra help though some companies install the system for free.

When getting a surveillance system, be sure to get outdoor security camera which are durable and weatherproof.