How to Fix Your Kitchen Cabinets

By upgrading you old kitchen cabinets, your whole kitchen could have a brand new look. They can even modernize as well as brighten the outdated design that might be of what remains of the home’s previous occupants.

For those old cabinets to sport a brand new look, you, as the homeowner can put your own personal stamp on your kitchen’s décor in a way that’s cost-efficient. Furthermore, the savings that you can get on the cabinetry can be used in making other upgrades to the other parts of your home.

While there are a few several ways for you to give a new look to those old kitchen cabinets, one very easy way is for you to paint them. After some thorough cleaning plus some light sanding in order to remove the old finish, the cabinets could have damaged places repaired through the use of wood filler.

Afterwards, it can be sanded again to smooth it out. Old cabinets could then sport that new look by having a few coats of paint on both their doors as well as a different yet matching color painted to their frames in order for a total color scheme change.

Another great way for you to give those old kitchen cabinets new looks is by stripping them of their old finish. You can then apply some wood stain to them and finish the work with a polyurethane coat. Even though this is requires a bit more work and can prove to be time-consuming, it’s definitely worth the effort if you do it right. You can even let the cabinets have a nice-looking visual pattern if you make use of two wood stains with different colors.

In case you don’t have that much time on your hands but have a bit more cash to spend, you could give those old kitchen cabinets a brand new look by having their doors refaced by a professional. This could normally be done in less than one week and it can certainly make those old cabinets look like brand new.

Finally, you can buy new cabinet door implements, such as handles and hinges, to make your old kitchen cabinets have a new look. For just about a few dollars, you could get some decorative as well as attractive cabinet door implements that could be installed within just a few minutes so they could have that new look that you’ve wanted.