Making Kitchen Cabinets Stand Out

Traditionally, kitchen cabinets are functional fixtures mounted onto kitchen walls to store food and utensils. A shift to modern design has seen the look, feel and cabinets change quite radically. Here are some of the features that have been added to make them focal points in the kitchen.

Modern Design Features And Accessories

Instead of handles, there are click cabinets that open with one slight push. In the same category are magnetic cabinets.This glaring absence of handles give the kitchen a neat uniform look.

For those who don’t wish to do away with cabinet handles, there are amazing options. Go for classic, timeless knobs because some decorations may prove so out of date with time. Comfort should go hand In hand with style.

For owners of modern kitchens, chrome and polished steel is the way to go to achieve the sleek, sterile and sophisticated look in the room.

Some cabinets with knobs and drawers pulls are designed with runners and slides that make opening them quite easy. They are called ‘soft close’. These external features give the kitchen a dominantly traditional look.

Knobs and pulls have their advantages and disadvantages. Their advantages come in form of the flair they add to the room. Brass pulls for example add some vintage charm to the room. There is simply no limit to the styles and designs that pulls and knobs can be carved into.

For owners of large kitchens with more than two rows of cabinetry, consider having more than one style of handles.

The exciting thing is that you can change the look of the entire kitchen by simply changing the cabinets or the knobs and pulls on the drawers. It is simple, cost effective, but yields incredible results.

Positioning Of The Cabinet

The most obvious point of installation is just above the island. You could get creative and utilize space like kitchen corners. Double drawers can be accommodated in the whole structure with careful design and construction. It looks edgy and creatively gives you extra storage space. You’ll need handles for such drawers.

Synchronize With Existing Decoration

You can do this by choosing handles that match those of appliances, like the wide steel handles on some oven doors. You can match the knobs and handles to those of the door.


Have tags on the handles that label the contents of cabinets and drawers. Only, they need to be incorporated in such a way that they stay clean and look like part of the cabinets. This will be particularly useful to children.


You also have the chance to impress with design on the inside. Have partitioned/segmented drawers so items don’t mix up when the drawers are opened and closed.

Small lighting fixtures can be fixed to the bottom of the drawers to light the subsequent drawers when you open them. This doubles up as a safety measure.


This would be the best option for physically challenged individuals. You could access your drawers at the push of a button or the click of a switch.