A Closer Look on Tree Service Concerns

Storm cleanup is often when people crank up their first chainsaw and often times, they hurt themselves. Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on other trees, homes and other structures, or cars. One reason trees fail is weak branch unions.

Homeowner can educate themselves about tree limbs, but depending on the situation they shall call an arborist if they are worried and not quite sure about it. For homeowners thinking of getting tree service for post-storm work which they can’t done themselves, here’s a primer on different tree service options you can choose from:

Tree Pruning

It is mainly done to get rid of dead parts; to maintain health; to provide shape and even to improve the plant’s productivity. Moreover, for the shaping, training and redirecting of the plant’s growth, creating better structure to lessen wind resistance and reduce the potential for storm damage.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the selective removal of the lower branches of a trees crown to increase the distance between the base of the canopy and ground level. This type of pruning should, if possible be carried out before a tree reaches maturity in order to avoid large wounds. This allows light to pass through and can prevent obstruction.

Tree Felling

An element of the task of logging, process done to down individual trees. One way to do it is by hand felling in which an axe saw, or chainsaw is used to drop a tree. The other way is to use a feller bencher, a motorized vehicle with an attachment, which rapidly cuts and gathers several trees in the process of felling them. Damage to your property or to people can happen and there’s no other way available to prevent this from happening, tree felling is the right solution.

Tree Removal

This technique is recommended when the tree is dead or dying or considered irreparably hazardous, especially if it becomes a cause of obstruction that is impossible to correct through pruning and is causing harm to other trees. If it is to be replaced by a more suitable specimen or is to be located in an area where new construction requires removal. Although tree removal is a last resort, there are circumstances when it is necessary.

It’s important that you get the right professionals to do the job for you so that you don’t end up getting more problems in the end. A good service provider will gather information from you for possible changes that you might need. Finally, it never hurts to do some asking around on your own. Take advantage of word of mouth by striking up conversations on the subject with some people or your neighbors.