Tips for Removing Bee Hives

Getting rid of beehives can be done without calling in a professional as long as the proper care is taken. Allergies to the venom can be fatal for those who have them and even those who do not find being stung quite unpleasant. Thankfully, it is possible to contain bees without agitating them so their hives can be removed safely.

First, there are some things that are vital to safely get rid of any hive no matter where it is located. One thing that is very important is a smoker that is made to sooth the bees, as this smoke keeps them quiet. Make sure to wear clothes that have a smooth texture and that are light in color along with a hat that has netting on it. This keeps the bees away from the sensitive areas of the face that could suffer permanent damage if stung.

Another must have is bug spray that can kill bees and long gloves made from either leather or suede to cover both hands and arms. Now it is important to find out where the bees have been living and this is done by seeking the bee trail. They can be located either in an upper branch of the tree or underneath the eaves of the home.

Once the beehive is found, the bees need to be contained, which is where the smoker comes in along with the bug spray. After both have been used on the hive, take a hammer and make a hole so the bug spray can also be used on the interior. Make sure all the bees are dead along with the queen so that none return to recreate the nest.

When the buzzing sound has ceased coming from the hive, it can be safely removed from its location. Use a plastic bag that can be closed with a tight fit and dispose of it in a garbage bin that also closes tightly. If there are any open spaces from where the hive was removed, make sure to properly close them.

Removing a beehive and not sustaining any injuries is possible when all the proper precautions are utilized fully. Using smoke to ensure the bees do not get agitated and making full use of the bug spray are the best ways to stay safe. You also want to remove all bits and pieces of the hive and do not leave any openings that can be used in the future.