Outdoor Heaters – An Insight Into the Types Available

The warmth of a heater is comforting to all, especially in a cold environment. A heater projects warm air towards the body, instantly raising the bodies core temperature. This satisfies one of the main human needs of warmth.

There are many types of outdoor heaters available. The most common type is the mushroom heater. They get their name from their appearance that looks like a mushroom. They are well over 2m tall and the lid helps to radiate the heat down towards the head and body. The lid also helps protect against rain, sheltering the heating element from water. They are LPG powered, and this efficient gas ensures that they provide heating for a good 10 hours.

They can be seen at restaurants and cafes all over the world. With mass production of the mushroom heater, they have now become very cheap and very accessible. Local department stores and outdoor living shops always have them in stock in winter. They are a great addition for warming an outdoor courtyard or patio. They are quite affordable to purchase, or there are companies that do hire out the heaters for events or offer long term rental agreements.

An area heater is also a great outdoor heater. It is very similar to the mushroom heater, with the main difference being its shape and height. This stands at about three quarters of the size of its big brother, which offers more warmth to the body as opposed to the head. Whilst they are more effective, they should be used with caution. Because the heating element is lower, there is more of a risk of someone burning themselves. Whilst there is a protective guard around the module, the guard can also get quite hot. Children should be supervised if one of these area heaters are being used.

The final type is an electric radiant heater. This is different to the other types, running on electricity rather than gas. They offer good warmth, but the heat is not as intense, so depending on the temperature, this should only be used were the temperatures are not as low. They are perhaps the safest heater, but do require an electricity source which may be difficult in an outdoor area were there isn’t a supply.

Overall, outdoor heaters are a great way to warm an outdoor space or a party. Consider the above when working out which heater is best for your situation.