Electronic Cam Locks-Higher Security

In this article I am going to discuss the “Electronic Cam Lock”. The leader in this security area is Medeco High Security Locks. Medeco has developed the NexGen XT Electronic Cam Lock and incorporated it into the rest of their NexGen XT line of electronic locks. These types of electronic cam locks do not require any outside wiring; all power is supplied to the lock by the key. The lock is designed for both interior and exterior use. This provides a complete electronic locking system that provides Access Control, Accountability, Physical Security and System Management. Most electronic cam locks are business tools that can lead to a substantial return on investment.

Access Control–Keys can be programmed to open only certain locks during a specific schedule. They can also have an expiration date and/or time. The key can be disabled at any time.

Accountability–Audit information is contained in both the lock and the key with a date and time stamp of each open and close as well as any attempted opening and closing.

Physical Security–The actual electronic cam lock must be built to exacting dimensions and is usually constructed of stainless steel with tamper resistance features and resistance to forced entry.

System Management-Software tools that will help to manage your security by providing flexible programming and the ability to provide custom scheduling. This software should be available in either stand alone version or a web based version.


  • No exterior wiring
  • All power is supplied by the key
  • Small electronic key
  • Key battery should be rechargeable
  • Software should have multiple versions such as; stand alone, network and mobile
  • Should have key expiring programming
  • Must have a “Blacklist” function to lock out lost or stolen keys so they will not function
  • Must be able to hold audit events in both the lock and the key

The electronic cam lock is only as good as the software that will collect and analyze the data collected by the key. Every time the key is used it records information such as the date, time and lock ID number. This information gathering occurs every time the key touches the lock. The key is put into some type of cradle that usually serves two purposes; to recharge the battery and to download the data collected by the key. Once that data is downloaded, the software should be able to file it in a usable form. This data should then be able to provide management information that will enable managers to run their business more efficiently.