Surveillance Cameras: Choosing The Best Fake Cameras

Among the tools and devices that many homeowners use in strengthening their home security are Surveillance Cameras. These cameras monitor everything that takes place in an area 24/7. Some types only monitor the area when they detect movements or when there is a change in the temperature caused by the human body. However, even if these surveillance security cameras are equipped with the best features in protecting one’s home and strengthening home security, some people choose to use fake cameras. One of the reasons why they opt for fake cameras is the price of the original surveillance cameras.

So if you are one of those who can’t afford to buy the original cameras and you are planning to buy fake home surveillance security cameras, you must understand how fake cameras deter crime. Once you understand how they prevent or deter crimes, you will be able to choose the features that will enhance the deterrence value of fake Surveillance Cameras and will keep your home as well as your family safe.

The first thing that you need to do is to set a spending limit for fake Surveillance Cameras. The best fake cameras are almost as affordable as the prices of cheaper cameras.

The next thing that you should do is to research some models of original surveillance cameras. You need to know what model will be best for your house. For example, bubble cams that are used in department stores will definitely look out of place if it is hung over your back door. So do your research well.

In your fake camera, look for real glass lenses. Although this feature will just cost you more, you will need real glass lenses to convince criminals that the ones you’re using at home aren’t fakes. If your video surveillance cameras use plastic lenses, especially those that are flat and non-curved, then criminals will notice that what you’re using are fake cameras.

You also need to select a model with a visible red function light. This red light will serve two purposes. First, it will attract attention so that people will see the cameras, especially would-be criminals. Second, the red light convinces the people that the cameras are on and they are filming.

Also, choose a weather-proof housing especially if you’re planning to mount the fake wireless surveillance security cameras outdoors. Excellent weather proof housing will appear sturdy enough to shield the camera from moisture and rain while allowing the lens to view the area with no obstruction.

Lastly, choose fake Surveillance Cameras with sturdy mounting bracket. Many of the fake surveillance cameras are made from lightweight plastic and they are usually secured to a wall or ceiling with brackets that they don’t look like they can support a real camera’s weight. This will just ruin your plan in tricking criminals that the cameras aren’t fakes.