Neat Ideas for Your Storage Shed

Long gone are the days where a shed is just a place to store your garden tools. It is a much more versatile building than that and with a little imagination it can be used for numerous things. Many people use their storage shed as a cheap alternative to building an extension on their property. Here are some great ideas for some extra space.

1. If you install some extra windows a storage shed can be used as a summer house. Get some outdoor garden furniture to put in there a few pot plants and a place to put your coffee and you have the perfect summer house.

2. A home office is another great use for a storage shed. Ask an electrician to run the cables to your shed and you’re away. Once you have your desk and chair in there a few pictures it will be a great office.

3. You could use a storage shed as a hot tub house. What better way to utilize some space in your garden than a hot tub.

4. I have seen people who keep rabbits have their shed converted into a giant rabbit hutch. You can build bedding areas one side. Have a large play area in the centre. This is perfect especially if you are worried about predators as your pets can still get plenty of exercise, while remaining safe.

5. You could convert a storage shed into a child’s playroom. Imagine being able to get all the toys in one place. A place the kids can do their own thing, put their posters up and do colouring without the worry they might break or damage something. If your children are older you could use your shed as a hang-out for them with a sofa, TV etc.

6. Many people like to workout at home bur the gym equipment can be quite bulky. Use your storage shed as a home gym. Put your treadmill in there with your weights. Get a small fridge for your cold drinks and you can work out in peace.

I hope this article has shown you some of the potential uses of a wooden storage shed. If you have a shed but don’t think it is up to the task it is quite straightforward to build a new one as well as a lot cheaper than buying one. Building a shed yourself allows you to design it specifically for your needs. There are also many shed plans available on the Internet too that will let you build your wooden storage shed exactly how you want it.