Types of Sheds You Can Build Based On The Design of The Roof

There are many types of sheds you can build in your backyard. Many of these designs are based on the type of roof they use. Some of these designs are complex to build because of the roof. Other designs are are relatively simple to build.

The pent roof shed is probably the simplest to build. It is a flat roof structure. The roof is sloped to one side. This type of structure can be easily placed against a larger structure such as a house because of its rectangular shape.

Another great shed design is the gambrel style shed. The roof used on this structure is two sided. Each side has two sections with different slopes. The upper section is more steeply pitched then the lower section. The roof on this shed is much like the roof you will seen on many barns. The gambrel style shed provides the owner with more storage space beneath the roof than the simpler pent roof shed. However the gambrel style shed it is more complex to build the pent roof shed.

The clerestory style shed is another design that is often used. It has one the most complex roof designs when compared to other types of sheds. This because it has a row of windows build into the roof. These windows allow light to enter deep into the interior of the structure. This feature makes it great for use as a office or storing potting plants.

There are many other designs which can be used to build a shed in your backyard. These designs will require a plan. The plan you choose to use should help you construct your shed in a timely and cost effective manner.

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