Forget About Carpet Cleaning Companies – Guaranteed!

A slow life depends a lot on maintenance. Make it a habit to vacuum your carpet at least once a week and hang out for airing once a year.

Good advice – Best Practice

To the carpet is worn evenly, it is good to turn it occasionally. Avoid dragging furniture across the carpet. To reduce wear on used carpet underlay, if also acts as anti-skid. Always use a flat tip when vacuuming, and finish with vacuuming in the direction of the pile. Printer’s marks on carpets removes easiest way are to moisten the pile with warm water and breathe easy with a hair dryer while you brush up the nap.


Do you have a rubberized mat, never hang it with a latex hand against the sun. In order to avoid any up stands, a rubberized mat is always rolled right side out. Also, make sure the floor is completely dry before you put on the mat; otherwise it is sometimes a risk that the latex side sticks to the floor. Do not worry if your new wool carpet fringes of the early stages. This makes it often during the early period when there is a surplus of wool from the manufacture.

Shrinkage, fading

All cotton rugs shrink about 5% in width and 8% in length at 30 ° C. Even when you wash the rest of carpets is likely to cause some shrinkage. All the carpets fade with time and usually get prettier and softer colors. Cotton Rugs fade faster than other carpets.


We sew easily on a new border around your mat. In cases where the laundering is up to date so it should be done before the carpet is submitted for edging.


Smaller spots are most easily removed by directly attacking the stain with a towel / cloth, warm water and a drop of dish-washing liquid. Skim the detergent and rub gently. This method usually works well on most types of carpets, both synthetic and wool carpets.

Specific washing instructions for different carpet styles

See below for more detailed care instructions for specific mats

Wilton Rug Cleaning

Wilton and similar woven carpets should be submitted to a certified carpet cleaning companies for washing.

Acrylic Yarn Best Rug Cleaning

Acrylic Yarn Carpets are usually marked with washing at 40 ° C. Machine wash is excellent when the machine is roomy enough.

Rugs with rubber backing

Rugs with rubber backing also called Rubber mats washed easiest and best with extractor. It can also be scrubbed with a soft brush and a panel of regular detergent (not soap) in 40 ° C. Rinse thoroughly. Dry flat. If you have washed the floor, it is important that it is completely dry before you replace the carpet in its place; there is otherwise a risk that the rubber sticks to the floor.

Shepherd Rugs

Shepherd Carpets washed in tubs or washing machine. Use plenty of water (max 30 ° C) and add a neutral soap solution. Rinse thoroughly. Short spin.

One-colored carpets

One-colored rag rugs in cotton is machine washable (40 ° C). The colored carpets, especially red and blue, there is always surplus colors that can color the bright spots and fringe.

Striped carpets

Striped rag rugs in cotton washed in cold water with soap. Scrub with a soft brush panel in the direction of stripes on both sides and then rinse well in stripes direction. Put the carpet in the long side of the integrated direction. Wash the carpet on the bridge is still the easiest and best. But you can of course also use the patio or basement floor surface. The same procedure as in washing of striped carpets. The carpet may be slightly bubbly but this disappears after a few days of use.

Plastic mats

Carpets and plastic / acrylic machine washable 30 ° C without centrifugation. Roll the mat hard after washing in order to smooth out wrinkles. Hang to dry.

During light pollution: vacuum, air and whip. Wipe with sponge and warm water.

Removes stains as soon as possible drowning in cold water. Clean with sponge, warm water and special shampoo. You can use textile and carpet-cleaning of spray. After using the shampoo, (detergent), rinse several times with a sponge and warm water. Dry carpet hung on racks. Do not expose your skin to excessive heat or direct sunlight.


In light contamination: Vacuum, use adhesive roll or wipe with a sponge and warm water.

For heavier spills: Use a mild liquid detergent (shampoo – you can find it at one for your local carpet cleaning companies), free from enzymes, phosphates, peroxides, alkalis and bleaches.

Contaminated skin should be soaked in cold water before washing. Machine wash on delicate wash program (wool wash). About 40 degrees. Use plenty of water. Centrifuge but do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. The skin hung in two corners. Do not expose to excessive heat or direct sunlight. While skin is still damp, pull and rub the skin to regain suppleness. The skin must not be deleted! Or leave the sheepskin on dry cleaning.

Take Special Care of the oriental carpets

An Oriental rug is unique its art. Managed correctly, hold it for several generations. An Oriental rug is a treasure worth preserving.

To the carpet is worn evenly, it is good to turn it occasionally. Avoid dragging furniture across the carpet. To reduce wear, use matte underlays. A mat also acts as a slip. Always use a flat tip when vacuuming, and finish with vacuuming in the direction of the pile. The carpet retains its dense surface and rub dirt on the fibers penetrate into the mat’s bottom.

You can also get more advice from local carpet cleaning companies, please keep in mind that they are professionals, but they need to offer you some sort of a guarantee.