How To Make Your Home Secure With Security Window Film

Home security is important and there are lots of ways to create it. You can get better locks and alarms etc but what about your windows? Security window film is perfect for businesses or homes. It is clear and fits internally to your windows. This article will explain more about the product.

Special features

Security tint is 175 microns thick (7mil) and is clear. Being clear benefits you because you are able to see through the glass without noticing its there. You can have it on shop windows, offices and homes without people knowing its there.

Prevent break-ins with Security film

This product fits internally to your already existing windows without removing the glass. Because the glass doesn’t need to come out the installation is a lot easier and disruption free. Due to the 7mil thickness of the tint it makes the glass a lot tougher to break.

If unwanted intruders were trying to break the glass it would take them a lot longer. By the time they had broken through the glass it would have made far too much noise. So the intruders will be loud and caught before they manage to get in.

Reduce Injury

When you have the film on your glass it will protect you from stones, bricks, people breaking in or falling into the glass and more. If something hit your window like a brick the security tint will hold the glass together. Holding the glass together stops the shards of glass from flying everywhere.

These shards of glass can be very harmful and could injure or even kill someone. If the glass was broken it would just shatter behind the film and stay in the same place.

Health and safety

Due to health and safety regulations commercial buildings must have safety glass/ safety film. Even if you’re a child minder from home your glass must be safe. Security is tested to the same British and European standards as safety glass. This gives you the piece of mind that you will be safe.

One more benefit

Not only does it keep your glass secure, it reduces 99% of ultra violet (UV) rays. UV is harmful to our skin and furnishings. Although the sun is good for us, too much of it can be dangerous. The UV is what causes solar related diseases such as skin cancer. The ultra violet rays also make our furnishings fade.

Today you can protect your skin and your furnishings by using windowsecurity film.