Sending Flowers?

The internet is a great resource for information. But when ordering flowers, you should be aware that things are not always as they seem. More and more, “order gatherers” have built websites to entice you to purchase your flowers through them. Some of them even buy ads in your local yellow pages. These companies often work in a call center, far removed from the recipient of your flower gift. Oddly enough, they call your order out to a local florist after retaining a portion of your money! Local florists are looking to re-educate the public about how consumers can get a better value when ordering DIRECT. A recent conversation with a Southern region florist;

“If a customer calls my shop directly, they will get a better value. I don’t charge service fees. If they pay for $60.00 for flowers and our $6.00 delivery fee, the flower arrangement will be worth $60.00. That order through an “order gatherer” would come to me at a value of less than $45.00. It’s something consumers should be aware of.”

In addition, call centers are not staffed with professional florists. Customer Service has become a real issue. Complaints from consumers using these “Order Gatherers” are on the rise. Another comment from a retail florist;

“These companies don’t know what I have in stock. They never even touch a flower. Customers who call me direct know what they are going to get, no guessing. I can offer suggestions based on my floral experience. I can get details about the delivery specifications. Direct contact between the consumer & florist will always produce better service and value.”

Here are the advantages of ordering your flowers from a REAL local florist;

A Better Value!- 100% of your order is applied to your flowers and delivery, No extra fees!

Professional advice- Only a professional florist can offer you expert advice to your floral questions . They can suggest creative floral ideas for any occasion. Talk to the people who know flowers, not just pictures of flowers.

Availability- By talking directly to the florist you know what flowers/gift items are available.

In Store Promotions/Sales- You may discover that the florist is offering a sale or special promotion that you were not aware of.

Your Specific Details- You can specify any little details about your order, even delivery specifications. Errors are common when your order is relayed through a middleman. When calling the local florist, your order is placed right at the source.

You are supporting a small business within the community- A business that in turn supports their community, keeping it thriving economically.

The florist you are ordering from should have a local address. Ask them when you call, “Are you the flower shop that will be designing my order?” and “What is your address?” By taking precautions, you will get beautiful flowers designed from a professional florist all at a better value.

Flowers are the ultimate gift of expression. You deserve the best value for your money. A REAL local florist will provide you with beautiful flowers, professional advice & service.