Allergies: Are They Related to Household Pests?

Allergies exist for a number of reasons. If you are struggling with allergies, your doctor might be able to help, but the source of the allergy has to be figured out before you can begin treatment. A dermatologist will have you eliminate foods, household products and beauty products from your routine and slowly add them in to determine what’s responsible. In certain instances, you don’t get results this way. Many household pests can cause allergies as well. If you or someone you know is suffering from allergies, the following can help you identify the cause.


Mice can hide inside of the attic, crawlspace, wall and basement. They tend to come out in the evening to play when no one is around. If they go on the floors and counters, you will see their droppings. Mice urine can end up lurking on your counters without being seen. Mice feces inside of the walls and out of view can also cause problems for allergy sufferers. Keep your foods sealed tightly and put away. Before going to bed, take your trash outside. These actions help deter mice from bothering you in the first place.

Mites and Fleas

Mites and fleas can end up hiding out of sight and bite you without ever being seen. Both of these critters can cause a severe allergic reaction. It is imperative that you vacuum your floors often, keep your bedding fresh and vacuum your furniture upholstery. Even though many mite species cannot be eliminated completely from your home, frequent housekeeping will help keep their numbers at a minimum and your allergies down. Installing tile or hardwood floors is also another option to help minimize these critters.


Roaches are another contributor to allergies. Common reactions to roaches are skin rashes and asthma attacks. Roaches don’t always mean your home is dirty. They don’t discriminate. Their goal is to find a nice, comfy home. They lurk in the walls, floorboards and various other spaces. While they roam around, they leave behind their germs, saliva and feces on your counters. Same as with mice, you need to keep your food sealed, remove your trash frequently and eliminate anything that could convince the roach to come into your home.

Other Areas of Concern

Mice area a huge issue in the winter. Other pests make their way into your attic, basement and walls to cause problems. Squirrels are little acrobats in that they can find their way into your home just like mice can. They leave their waste products behind as well. There is also the chance that they can get trapped inside and die. Any of these things can cause an allergic reaction. Do your best to eliminate any entrances to your home. The smallest of openings can let squirrels inside.

If you think these pests are the cause of your allergies, you need a trained professional to help get rid of them. Give your pest control service a call and get your appointment scheduled right away. The professionals will come out, perform an inspection and identify potential problem areas. A treatment plan is developed and put into action to help eliminate the source of your problems. Enjoy a home without an unwanted guest lurking inside.