Is Your Roof Ready For Winter?

As the holidays approach it reminds us that the cold weather is right behind it. One of the most challenging times for a home’s roof is during the winter months, as snow and ice buildup be damaging to the roof’s integrity.

The upcoming winter months are a signal that, as homeowners, we should be preparing our roofs for the weather conditions and making sure our roof is in good repair. The worst kind of roof damage can happen in the winter and leave you without a warm home to take refuge if the damage is significant enough.

Snow and Ice

Aside from the fun times of playing the snow with the kids, snow can provide another benefit: telling you how energy efficient your home is. For example, if the snow accumulates and melts in a uniform pattern along the roof, you know your home is fairly energy efficient. However, if the snow tends to build up in certain areas or melts only in certain spots of the roof, your home is not very energy efficient.

Energy efficiency can be crucial for homes in the winter as it helps keep the home warm and the electricity bills down. If you have observed uneven melting patterns along your roof check the following areas for problems:

  • The amount of insulation in the attic
  • Gaps in the insulation around outer walls and the chimney
  • Damage to the air ducts
  • Poor ventilation in the attic

Winterize Your Roof

Before the cold winter months hit your home it is a good idea to check your roof for any damage or weaknesses. Roof problems are not always visible from the ground and you may need to take a closer look. Always have a person outside on the ground with you any time you attempt to get onto your roof and never get onto a roof with a slope steeper than 15 degrees.

If you find any missing, damaged or broken roof materials, replace them right away. Any areas of damage greater than a 1 by 1 foot area should require the help of a professional roof contractor. Most contractors charge less than $100 for simple maintenance repairs and can have your roof ready for winter in less than an hour.