Installing a Mantel, Shelf or Counter Tops? Get the Proper Anchor Angle Bracket Support

Are you remodeling or completing a new construction project? When it comes to installing a mantel over your fireplace you can anchor the mantel to the surface wall or anchor the mantel to the studs, in the wall.

To anchor or support the mantel to the wall surface you will need angle supports or angle brackets/corbels support.

The same goes for the support of granite, glass shelving, wood shelving or counter tops; angle Brackets will be needed. A glass shelf, granite counter, wood shelf, or other counter top material that overhangs will also need proper support, underneath support for the surface.

If you are using a contractor, architect or designer for your project they will be aware of the kind of support the mantel, shelf or counter top will be in need of. They will be able to calculate the amount of angle support brackets needed for the span of the surface and the size of bracket/corbel that is needed for the depth of the surface. When supporting a heavy surface you will want to use heavy duty shelf brackets/corbels.

It is important to get the proper strength, in support, underneath the surface and the correct number of brackets/corbels in relationship to the surface span. If you don’t have the proper support, for instance, under granite you will, in time, see sagging and hairline cracks in the granite. This is where the professionals should have good advice.

When the decision on the quantity and size of the brackets/corbels is made, the next step will be to shop for the best quality in angle brackets. Angle Brackets and Corbels are available in several materials including wood, cast iron, metal, hand forged iron, to name a few. Wrought Iron Brackets/Corbels are not only great for heavy duty support, but are decorative and come in many sizes and decorative design styles.

This is an opportunity to shop for quality and craftsmanship in the angle bracket/corbel you will be using for support. Take the time to research for unique, decorative, and quality products. Along with the surface the brackets are supporting, this is a good time to show your decorative style in the brackets that will be providing the support.

There are many decisions and choices to make when remodeling or completing new construction. Making decisions on sinks, faucets, paint color, and furnishing are just a few of many products that have options to choose from. But, when time is taken to make good choices we usually walk away very satisfied, and glad for the investment of our time, because we gain uniqueness, quality and craftsmanship. What you use for supporting that mantel or glass shelf is important for supplying proper support and at the same time reflecting decorative appeal.

This is a great opportunity, in design and function, to take the ordinary to extraordinary.